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Here's what people are saying about "Killing Women"

"Rod Sadler takes us through the twisted world of a serial killer in  a labor of love that pays respect to those lives the monster destroyed and remind us why they should never be forgotten and he should never be free."

-Dave Schrader, Host of Darkness Radio and True Crime Tuesday, and host of The Travel Channel's "The Holzer Files"

"Serial killers are often portrayed in television fiction and block-buster movies.  We think we know all there is to know about their profiles and about the tools professionals use to catch a killer.  We don't.  Rod Sadler takes us into the real world of "law and order."  We get a good sense of evidence collection, of courtroom procedure, of burdens of proof, and of the way that mental illness is assessed to determine criminal culpability.  He also paints a realistic portrait of Don Miller.  We aren't told by the author that Miller is psychotic or psychopathic; that he is reformed or deadly.  We are, instead, able to judge for ourselves as we read the testimony of others.  Read it to learn how deadly a smart serial killer can be.  Read it to question your own assumptions about evil.  Read it to appreciate how lawyers and detectives and doctors and citizens can work together to protect a community.  And if you live in my home town, read it to brace for the day when Don Gene Miller will return."

-Dr. Frank Ochberg, MD

Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Michigan State University

Chair, C-CAP (Committee for Community Action and Protection)

Former Director, Michigan Department of Public Health

"Rod has written a well-paced and accurate accounting of the investigations and prosecution of Don Miller.  What the book cannot fully portray, but does touch upon, is the depth of fear in the community and the profound sense of loss and hurt of the victims' families...Should Donald Miller be released in 2031?  We live in a challenging time when the rule of law is under stress.  Absent a change in the law, he will have served his sentence and thus, should be released.  My view is that it would be a mistake to think that Don Miller, who will be about seventy-five when his sentence is served, will be a harmless old man."

-Hon. Peter D. Houk (ret.)

Former Ingham County Prosecuting Attorney

"Killing Women is a true-life horror story of crime and the dogged fight by law enforcement to bring the killer to justice.  Rod Sadler tells this story with exquisite and sometimes haunting detail.  Far more than a 'whodunit', Killing Women focuses on answering other complex questions; How?  Why?  And most importantly, how do we remove a killer from our streets?  Killing Women is riveting; exhaustively researched and told in a spare writing style that befits a crime investigation.  There is nothing lurid or sensational in Sadler's telling of a serial killer in our midst.  The plainly told horror of the crimes speaks for themselves."

-Mark Nixon

Michigan journalist and author of "Journal of Our Times"

"Rod Sadler tells the incredible story of serial killer Don Gene Miller, the four women's lives he brutally ended, the plea deal with the devil, and the courageous sister and brother who saved each other's lives.  Brilliant!"

-Dan Zupansky, host and producer of True Murder: The Most Shocking Killers in True Crime History, and author of Trophy Kill: The Shall We Dance Murder

"Like all serial killers, Don Miller should never live free again.  Killing Women is the singular comprehensive repository for all things 'Miller.'  It should be required reading for every criminal justice school, police academy, and police officer."

-Hon. G. Michael Hocking (ret.)

Former Eaton County Prosecuting Attorney

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