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A Slayer Waits: The true story of a Michigan double murder

ISBN-978-1-4787-9036-5  Paperback

In the fall of 1955, Nealy Buchanon was a trustee at the State Prison of Southern Michigan.  After being denied parole, he escaped while assigned to a work detail.  After hiding out in a barn near Stockbridge, Michigan, he was confronted by the homeowner, Howard Herrick.  After bludgeoning the retired chicken farmer to death, he was interrupted by Mr. Herrick's wife Myra.  He quickly beat her to death with a ball peen hammer and made his escape.

After his capture thirteen months later, he was quickly sentenced to life in prison. What should have been the end to a nightmare for the Herrick family was only the beginning.

To Hell I Must Go: The true story of Michigan's own Lizzie Borden

ISBN-10-1478751038  Paperback

In the early spring of 1897 in Williamston, Michigan, Alfred Haney left his home to earn his day's wage working on the streets of the small Ingham County hamlet.  When he returned home for lunch, he discovered a macabre murder so bizarre that it shook an entire community to its core. 

This is the story of a woman some might refer to as Michigan's own Lizzie Borden.

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