A Slayer Waits


When the bodies of Howard and Myra Herrick were discovered hidden in their barn on a cool fall evening in 1955, their neighbor suddenly realized the screams she had ignored two days before were the screams of the retired chicken farmer and his wife being viciously bludgeoned to death.

Thirteen months after the murders, their killer was captured and quickly returned to Michigan.  For the Herrick family, what should have been the end of a horrible nightmare was only the beginning.

Loved it.  This is a great true crime book.

Rod Sadler’s 'A Slayer Awaits' depicts a typical double-murder as an act of desperation. An escaped convict slays an unsuspecting mid-Michigan farm couple in cold blood before continuing his escape. Months later, the killer is re-captured and returned to a Michigan prison—thus beginning a long, painful saga of legal battle after battle. It’s a great and intriguing read.

Another winner! "A Slayer Waits" is so interesting and well written.


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